May 21

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How do I choose the right pickup?

If you’re buying a pickup truck, here’s how you choose the right one.

1) Figure out the utility of your pickup- Decide on why exactly you need a pickup truck. This will help you decide if you need a light-pickup, medium-pickup or full-sized pickup or heavy-duty pickup to begin with.

2) Decide on how much you want to spend- Going from owning a vehicle to buying a pickup truck can be heavy on the pocket. This is because pickup trucks are primarily utility vehicles that come with the ability to do more. So, if you run a small business or tend to tow goods around often, a pickup is always a wise choice.

3) Choosing specifications- To most buyers, striking the right balance between power and fuel economy is a key decision to be made. However, manufacturers today, provide a range of engines to choose from, with far superior capabilities over their decade-old counterparts. Choose an engine that serves your purpose of buying the pickup and look for options among different manufacturers.

4) Select your cab size- Finally think about if you’ll also be ferrying passengers/ friends or family often, deciding between a single-cab (two-seater), double-cab with 4 doors but reduced leg-room and smaller doors at the rear, super-crew with 4 full-sized doors and spacious seats. There’s also a more compact super-cab that sports 4 doors, but rear doors hinge open only when the front doors are opened first.

5) Look through trims and options- Also consider what amenities and features you’d like to have in your new pickup truck and make a list of them. From air-conditioning, to GPS navigation and leather seats, there are many comforts to choose from, when buying modern-day pickups.


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